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Group Therapy Delray


Leaving no therapeutic stone unturned, The Delray Center for Healing offers a wide variety of therapy, support, expressive and psycho-education groups, that are designed to meet a broad spectrum of therapeutic needs. It is the primary goals of our highly trained group facilitators to help create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where group participants, members of our community, can gain the insights and skills needed for progress. We utilize the latest therapeutic research to inform group topics and interventions, and help to guide clients with the most proven and effective strategies for their individual recovery. Many of our groups offer concrete skills and tools, while other are more open in nature, giving group participants time and space to explore particular problem areas and gain greater self-awareness.

Why Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a highly effective resource that can both enrich and enhance the progress of individual therapy and/or a comprehensive treatment program. At The Delray Center for Wellness, groups are structured to provide a safe and respectful environment to learn, heal and build connections with others facing similar struggles. In addition to our ongoing groups, The Delray Center for Wellness offers a selection of intensive group therapy sessions that are highly organized and aimed at developing a specific skill or reaching a defined goal.

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