Addiction Groups in Delray Beach

Addiction Groups Delray Beach, FL

Delray Beach has become a national model for the treatment of substance abuse and chemical dependency disorders. While there are many different approaches to addiction recovery, we know that finding what will be most effective for your unique and individual recovery goals are imperative. We understand that sobriety is never as easy as simply “stopping”, although much of our society maintains those expectations. From your initial meeting with Dr. Rodriguez, we take and understanding and firm approach to helping treat your addiction and addictive behaviors. Using a combination of cutting edge medical interventions through the initial detox process, we can overcome fears about the discomfort of getting clean and achieving sobriety.

Our addiction groups and process groups provide recovery support and also use a modern approach to therapeutic change. Dr. Rodriguez and the clinical team at The Delray Center use effective, evidenced based approaches to promote healthy behavioral change. These therapy and support groups offer science-based interventions using DBT, CBT, SMART and Systems theory approaches that promote building the necessary skills to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. In these groups you can learn strategies that help reduce vulnerability to urges and cravings, while increasing your ability to make more effective and healthy choices for your life and family. We understand that addictive behaviors to not often exist in isolation, and these groups will help address symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma that may impact your ability to maintain sobriety.

Our addiction groups focus on short and long term commitment and success. We encourage and teach building healthy self-care routines and contingency management plans. We also teach and process the skills necessary to challenge addictive and distorted thinking patterns. These skills ultimately help to improve the relationship to yourself and others, and begin to build a life worth living.