Depression Groups in Delray Beach

Depression Groups in Delray Beach

In the modern world, life has become increasingly intricate. Many people live complex lives, and constantly struggle to balance the demands of a career and family. Physical and emotional exhaustion is becoming more and more common, and frequently progresses to a state of depression. Depression can be mild or very severe, either way, seeking help is the best option if you or a loved one is going through depression. Depression is a disorder that can rapidly progress and affect all areas of your life.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression is classified as the feeling of giving up, losing interest in things you used to enjoy, along with these other symptoms:

  • Decreased energy
  • Feelings of worthlessness, guilt, pity, and/or helplessness
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive sleeping or insomnia
  • Overeating
  • Loss of interest and excitement in hobbies once found pleasurable
  • Suicidal thoughts

Depression affects millions of Americans. Clinical depression eats away at the individual’s quality of life and can even keep them from functioning normally. All of this is unnecessary; as this condition is fully treatable. Group Therapy Delray has multiple groups that are excellent for helping to treat clinical depression. We do through evaluations to determine what type of depression and what type of treatment you need. Sometimes depression is from a past traumatic event or a recent issue that is causing intense emotional distress. Either way we figure out the issues and address them with a variety of positive treatment ideas.

Our Depression Groups

Our Delray Beach depression treatment team has training in proven methods for dealing with depression, including complex treatment resistant cases. By combining group therapy, individual therapy, and psychopharmacological medical treatment, they are highly effective in achieving remission of depressive symptoms. With Dr. Raul Rodriguez, our head psychiatrist at our Delray Beach centers, providing a medical and clinical approach to our patients struggling from depression, he brings an extensive knowledge of mental disorder from a therapeutic and scientific standpoint.

We also promote living a healthy, active lifestyle. Depression can be helped with more than just group therapy. With enrichment services such as fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, success rates are much higher. Our multiple wellness locations in Delray Beach, Florida provide all of these services for clients to utilize. Successful treatment entails a complete response and full restoration of a patient’s previous level of functioning and mental health.