Expressive Groups in Delray Beach


Traditional talk therapies can be effective with many different mental health issues, including mood disorders, anxiety and panic, addiction and disordered eating. Many find being able to talk through the struggles they face to be a profoundly important aspect of their treatment and recovery. However, talk therapy is not the only proven method of helping address the wide range of mental health issues treated at The Delray Center. We know that a multidimensional approach is necessary to effective intervention and successful outcomes. We believe that complimentary therapeutic approaches are essential to full and long lasting health.

To compliment with wide range of talk therapy groups available at The Delray Center, we also offer several research-based group therapies focused on creative and expressive outlets. Utilizing art, music, journaling, meditation, book study and other expressive interventions, we hope to create a safe and non-judgmental environment where difficult emotions and experiences can be explored without the need to speak. These therapeutic vehicles can offer depth and perspective to the healing process. Some examples of expressive therapy groups include:

  • Art Therapy (painting, sculpture, multimedia)
  • Journaling and Expressive writing
  • Meditation and Mindfulness practice
  • Music Therapy
  • Book Studies
  • Horticulture Therapy (gardening)

You are not required to have any artistic ability, only the willingness to be open to new experiences, insights and connections. Learning to trust the process and focus on the moment is incredibly valuable to your health and wellbeing. Our unique combination of expressive intervention with DBT philosophy helps our community members integrate acceptance and behavior change skills through artistic and inspired creation. Expressive therapies additionally promote a deeper sense of relaxation and calm, increased awareness of inner dialogue and beliefs, exploration of difficult to articulate thoughts and emotions and improved coping skills. Come join one of The Delray Center’s amazing expressive groups.