Relapse Prevention Group

Relapse Prevention Group

Relapse Prevention Group focuses on helping support individuals with addictive behaviors by helping them anticipate how to cope with the potential for relapse and to learn coping skills to better tolerate and navigate environmental triggers.
Frequently discussed topics include:

  • How to understand relapse as a process
  • How to identify and cope effectively with high-risk situations such as negative emotional states, interpersonal conflict, and social pressure
  • How to cope with urges and cravings
  • How to implement damage control procedures during a lapse to minimize negative consequences
  • How to stay engaged in treatment even after a relapse
  • How to learn to create a more balanced lifestyle

Relapse Prevention Group discussion focuses on processing both struggles and successes, providing support and feedback to other group members and holding each other accountable. Dialectical approaches provide clients with ways to target behavioral change, and help reframe the change process as a learning experience. Behavioral techniques include the use of lifestyle modifications such as mindfulness, exercise, understanding motivation to strengthen a client’s overall coping capacity.

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